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One of the most trusted places to watch cartoons and anime is watchcartoonsonline, but recently, the whereabouts of the site has been confusing. It is a free streaming site, aside from many others that you can also find on the internet.

However, many of this kind of site exists, but have all been confined in a grey area because of consistent copyright laws infringement. Nevertheless, they still have a way around it, which is why they still exist.

Let’s discuss more about this website below

We are not in any way supporting piracy. This is purely academic, just a way to educate and inform our readers. We stand against piracy and uphold the idea that users should pay for streaming services

Where is Watchcartoonsonline?

What the site does it that they upload several numbers of cartoons and anime online, and then users can have access to them free of charge. Most of these contents are broadcasted without the consent of the original owner, thereby resulting in copyright infringement.

If you’ve been following the Google Transparency report, you will affirm that the site since 2015 have been getting notifications from owners of these sites they are copying their contents, to take the contents down. Though watchcatoonsonline tried to play smart by changing the domain names, nevertheless, Google and other searches succeeded in removing them from their search engines. However, the site still exists, but now with a different domain name.

Most of the users confirmed that the site is no longer working. While some others said that it’s only the .com that is down, that the .io is still working.

For a while now, the site has been battling with some legal and technical challenges, probably because of the heavy traffic that it gets, the heavy traffic obviously because it is a free website.

On the legal matters, the percentage of new contents the site has is high compared to the old contents, hence there is every possibility that it might be flagged for copyright infringement. However, the legal implications that watchcartoonsonline website is likely to attract should be as a result of either heavy traffic on the server or government regulations, whichever the case may be, I’m sure there will still be some traces of the website on the internet.

One of the reasons why the website has been able to escape the wrath of the law all these while is because it is only for steaming, hence there is no download involved and also it’s not a paid service.

Now the current situation of that when you search for the site online, you will discover that there are a lot of complaints about the site been down. The truth is that is might not really be down. What happens is that whenever the domain name of a site is changed for some reasons, probably to keep it alive, the url will also change, making it impossible to find it on the web with the same url.

It is now the duty of the user to keep searching to find the latest and active version of the site. If you have connected any App to the site, you will have to reconfigure so that it can be able to connect.

While doing the searching, be mindful of fake sites that resemble watchcartoonsonline, if it’s not the exact website, it can never function exactly like it. Nevertheless, there are still good alternatives to watchcartoonsonline.

Good Alternatives To It

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There are lots of good online streaming sites. 

1) Hulu: Hulu allows you to watch cartoon shows and movies that are currently in vogue. Also, you will have access to old classics cartoons and movies. They are all well arranged on the site, and you will find available episodes at one place. You can also watch cartoons live on the site. There are also cartoons meant for older people on the site. And lots of amazing features. All these and more you will have access to with the free trial of thirty days.

2) Amazon Prime: Amazon prime will always maintain a spot on the list of the top 10 best online streaming sites. The site can boast of a huge collection of very interesting cartoon shows. They never relent as they keeping increasing their library with the latest cartoon shows. If you have missed watchcartoononline, this site is definitely a good alternative. The only difference is that you will have to subscribe to gain access. 

3) Nickelodeon: There is something unique about this site that old-timers always prefer it. It gives users the freedom to choose from its catalog of different kinds of cartoons, both old and new. You can also view favorite shows for free.

4) Disney Junior: Disney Junior belongs to Disney. The huge library of animation series belonging to Disney is there for the viewing pleasure of the viewers. Its high-quality is exactly like that of watchcartoononline.

5) Netflix: Netflix has cartoons both for adults and children. You are sure to find your favorite cartoon character there. Netflix is a well-known site worldwide, and a good alternative. Netflix produces its own cartoon, which is also available for streaming on the site. It also has a user-friendly interface. 

6) Crunchyroll: Crunchyroll is another good site that can serve as an alternative. It is also legit, though it comes with a price, but can’t be with the amazing features it comes with. Also, they offer a 15 days trial period, before you can then decide to register. They also have an app, so you can watch anywhere you are.