Why Did Eren Turn Evil
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Why Did Eren Turn Evil? – Through AoT, Eren often risked his life to save the lives of innocent children – he saved the life of Mikasa, who he had never met before. Also, he always risked his own life to protect Armin against bullies and went out of his way to protect him.

It’s hard to comprehend how a boy can kill billions of people voluntarily… he has indeed gone through a major change.

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Why would Eren turn evil all of a sudden?

Even though he began life with a black-and-white view of the world, the harsh realities of a Titan-infested world would lead him to believe that humanity itself is flawed.

He would take drastic steps based on his new perspective and an aching desire for freedom. Furthermore, Eren’s actions are justified because he lost his comrades and friends, and do so for the sake of saving the world. There were several other reasons as well as those listed below that largely influenced Eren.

1. Eren’s mother is murdered in front of him

Eren watched helplessly as a Titan ate his mother alive during the Fall of Shiganshina arc. He realized that he would never be able to return home as he and his friends were evacuated from the city. His promise to wipe out the Titans was born out of this bitter truth.

The moment Eren’s father learned of his mother’s death, he injected him with Titan spinal fluid, transforming him into a Titan. The Attack and Founding Titans were inherited by Eren instinctively by eating his father.

Eren, however, remained hateful to the Titan race. Throughout his life, he trained hard to become a titan-fighter.

2. Discovering Reality About The World

It was later learned that Eren’s own people – the Marley – were responsible for the attacks on Eldians inside the walls. A deep hatred for humanity developed for him after learning of Marley’s cruel experiments on the children and elders of Ymir.

Also, Eren discovered that the citizens of Marleya had been brainwashed to believe that the people behind the walls were demons and that this propaganda had been spreading all across the globe.

In due course, they would attack Paradis together, he realized. Paradis, he said, should make his move first before anyone can harm him. Eren, however, took matters into his own hands when everyone refused.

Eren Becomes a Villain

Eren infiltrated Liberio and unleashed his Titan form as a means of protecting his people from Marley. He gained the War Hammer Titan by eating Willy Tybur, the Eldian noble who declared war against Paradis. This was Eren’s first true act of violence, as he brutally murdered hundreds of innocent civilians. From there, things got worse.

The hope of those civilians had vanished by this point for Eren. They had been brainwashed beyond saving, so he had no hope of offering them salvation.

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Why Did Eren Turn Evil? Making enemies out of his friends

Eren’s attack on Liberia was not approved by the Survey Corps. His actions left his friends angry and confused since he did not disclose his true intentions. Eren went one step further by injuring his friends, causing them to hate him.

After the attack on Liberio, he met with Armin and Mikasa and accused Armin of being influenced by Bertolt’s memories. Eren told Mikasa that he was disgusted by her and that he hated her most when she tried to defend Armin. Mindless followers of orders and people who refer to Mikasa as a slave bother him, he said.

When Mikasa instinctively slammed Armin into the table, Armin was proven to be correct when he threw a punch at Eren out of anger. After beating Armin up, Eren called Armin a “real slave.” Armin replied by beating Eren up as well.

Eren had succeeded in making his friends hate him by the end of this. He had planned that.

Making The World Your Enemy

After unleashing the Wall Titans and activating The Great Rumbling, Eren turned the entire world against him. As a result of this catalytic event, 80% of humanity was wiped out by millions of stampeding Colossal Titans, and Eren Yaeger was cast as an evil villain who slaughtered innocent people.

Eren was united against by all nations, including Paradis. Despite their combined strength, they could not stand against the Colossal Titans.

Eren claimed that humans were no longer capable of sustaining life. He promised to destroy every human on the planet and free it from all humans and Titans alike. But as the Titans approached the coast of Marley, Eren revealed his true intentions to his friends.

Why did Eren become the Evil guy?

Eren admitted at the end of the series that he turned into a threat so that the Survey Corps could kill him and become humanity’s heroes. In addition, he said that killing him would permanently end the Power of Titans and bring back the humans who had become Pure Titans.

In order for the rest of the world to no longer hate Paradis, he wanted the Survey Corps to become heroes. Hopefully, this will allow Paradisians to build good relationships with other countries, and change the narrative that they are “devils.”

As Eren ended the Power of Titans, he ensured that the power of Titans would never again be used for war or conquest.

The methods Eren used might have been wrong, but in the end, he realized a common enemy can unite humans. Ymir was freed from her curse, all those humans who had been wrongfully turned into Pure Titans were saved, and humanity was given a fresh start through his sacrifice.