black anime characters
Soma Asman Kadar From Black Butler

In the history of anime, black characters have been rare, but there have also been some notable ones. On this list, you will find the strongest Black anime characters that ever lived.

We are going to tell you a bit about some awesome characters, some of which are heroes, some of which are antiheroes, and some of which are villains. Here is a list of some of the best black anime characters in the female and male categories.

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1. Rika Minami from Highschool of the Dead

black anime characters
Rika Minami source: deviantart

Mika is a trustworthy person. Among the Top 5 snipers in her country, she is an excellent and exceptional sniper. It’s no problem for her to talk about sex. She’s calm and relaxed. It is her hair color and tan skin that makes her stand out.

It is uncertain where she comes from. Rika is known for her skills and power.

2. Kilik Rung from Soul Eater

black anime characters
Kilik Rung source: zerochan

A performer in Soul Eater, Kilik is one of the three top meisters in the series. It is hard to imagine a black female anime character better than his. The majority of the time, Kilik is relaxed and happy. Under pressure, he stays calm and thinks things through with a level head, consequently, his friends view him as a leader in the group.

Kilik can also act aggressively and intensely during battle. This makes him a great friend. He likes to tease his friends and make them laugh. Yet, he’s always there to help them when they need him, and he’s there to support them anytime they need him. Yet, he’s always there to help them when they need him, and he’s there to support them anytime they need him.

3. James Ironside from Blood+

black anime characters

The Blood+ series features James Ironside. His mother died when he was a young boy, and he joined the military later. The wounds he sustained were horrendous, and he was close to death. James was transformed into a Chevalier by Amshel after he promised he would save him.

Following his rescue, James kept advancing in the military, gaining access to high-end military equipment. He is quite punctual and has a serious attitude. This makes him a very ambitious and strong-willed person.

4. Miyuki Ayukawa from Basquash

black anime characters

When they were growing up, Miyuki lived with her family until they moved away. In the first episode, she returned with her grandfather as a well-endowed teenager and a skilled mechanic. He receives a Big Foot and is taught how to fly it after she returns.

Dan and his team need her to help to care for Big Foots, something she happily does since she gets more work (and gets paid). Dan’s obliviousness did not diminish her feelings for him.

5. Coffee from Cowboy Bebop

black anime characters

The authorities questioned her about why Ed and Ein were in her car trunk, so it wasn’t even a pleasant experience. Coffee still left a lasting impression within a very short time: The combination of her afro hair and tight black clothing, her grenade launcher, and her appropriately sexy convertible car could have led her to a spin-off series – or even a cameo in a somewhat similar anime like Lupine the Third.

6. Yoruichi from Yoruichi

black anime characters
Yoruichi from Yoruichi



In spite of her intimidating look and previous roles as a captain and commander, Yoruichi also knows how to socialize and have a good time. How can you dislike a woman who can literally change into a cat?

The golden (or amber) eyes, purple hair, and orange top in her design make her one of my personal favorites on Bleach. Both Yoruichi’s long and short hair looks great on her.

7. Daz Bones From The Anime One Piece – Alabasta Arc

black anime characters

The long, thin limbs and fingers of Daz, a Black anime character, make him stand out among his peers. He has a shaved head and his limbs are very muscular. He probably stands out the most for his black unibrow, which covers his round eyes.

Tattoos on his torso include the ancient Japanese symbol for “1” (* ichi?). He wore a dark coat with gold edges and white motifs on the front, over loose, beige pants held up by a white sash that trailed down his waist and had some brown fur sprouting from it in Alabasta.

8. Omoi From Naruto

black anime characters

In the anime Naruto, Omoi makes an appearance. Omoi likes to think before he acts, always coming up with a plan before he does something. Unfortunately, he sometimes loses track of time because of this. This causes him to get carried away sometimes.

Worrying about the worst-case scenario and thinking of it often makes him a worrywart. He is extraordinarily gifted physically.

Due to his ability, he was given special missions. After becoming a bodyguard for the Fifth Raikage, Omoi becomes the Fifth Raikage’s bodyguard.

9. Tetsudo Hisakawa From Anohana

black anime characters

Tetsudo is such a handsome anime character from Anohana, a tall, dark-haired young man with brown eyes and hair. Tetsudo was difficult as a child and expressed his gratitude to his friends for accepting him as he was. Eventually, Tetsudo achieves worldliness.

He is the one who calms people down whenever there is a fight in the group.

10. Soma Asman Kadar From Black Butler

Here’s another one of Indian ancestry. He is the Prince of Bengal, a member of the royal family of India.

To begin with, we see Soma as an indecisive child without a problem-solving attitude. Over the course of the series, he matures into an intelligent, mature boy and works to help others. His main ally is Agni.

Soma becomes increasingly driven to avenge Agni’s death since Agni’s death disturbs him so much. The fact that he is an Indian Prince means he will be an excellent fighter.

There are two seasons in Black Butler. Therefore, if you would like an even better understanding of this character, you should watch the anime.

11. Dutch From Black Lagoon

black anime characters

Originally from the Black Lagoon, Dutch is a native English speaker. As a Marine, Dutch served in Vietnam. After Dutch left his post to go AWOL, he became a mercenary in Thailand. It was at that time that he founded the Lagoon Company.

Even though it is not confirmed one hundred percent, it is assumed he fought in the war. In terms of fighting, Dutch tends to stay behind the scenes.

Most of his work involves overseeing plans and giving orders. Considering his negotiating skills, Dutch is seen as a gentle and experienced leader.

12. Carole Stanley from Carole and Tuesday

As an outgoing orphan, Carole Stanley is pursuing her dream of becoming a musician while working several part-time (short-term) jobs in Alba City. The official Instagram account for Carole Stanley can be found at @Carole Stanley.

Tuesday has bonded greatly with Carole because she is kind, welcoming, and patient. Despite her bright, outgoing personality, Carole does not appear to have many friends aside from Tuesday


Change and evolution are constant in life, and the anime world is not an exception. In addition to light skin tones, other skin tones are now being incorporated into this elegant and beautiful art form. Not only are Japanese characters represented in anime but also ethnic characters.

We found out that equal representation is an issue that needs to be addressed. Hence we came out with this list of Undisputed Best Black Anime Characters That Are Very Powerful.

However, this list is inconclusive. There are many more Black Anime Characters we are yet to mention. Keep your eyes on this page, as we will keep you updated.