20+Best Anime Girls With Pink Hair To Watch on a Date In 2022
Nonon Jakuzure of Kill La Kill source: besthqwallpapers

Pink hair is extremely popular in anime, and I don’t know if you noticed. That shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Watching one or more of these anime is one of the sure ways to spice your date

The soft color of pink also appeals to me greatly. I wouldn’t mind getting one someday.

Have you ever admired anime characters with unusual hairstyles? Check out these 20+ best anime characters with pink hair, according to our list, in no particular order!

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1. Saya Takagi of Highschool of the Dead

anime girls with pink har
Saya Takagi of Highschool of the Dead

She is both smart and tough, which is rare to find in the same person. A wise leader, Saya recognized how the zombies reacted and devised several helpful strategies.

Also, she usually lashes out at our gun boy Kohta because she really enjoys doing it. Also, she shows some sensitivity, which makes her more human.

2. Kenpachi Zaraki of Sword Art Online

anime girl with pink hair
Kenpachi Zaraki of Sword Art Online
source: cbr

Going by the SAO standards, and since she is the person with pink hair in her avatar, you could call her Lisbeth instead.

The only person who got trapped who is smart is Lisbeth. Did she take up a sword and die in a senseless way?

Not at all! She became a blacksmith, one of the best in fact, and was then paid by those going to their deaths. There was never an unhappy customer ever.

3. Yachiru Kusajishi of Bleach

anime girl with pink hair
Yachiru Kusajishi of Bleach
source: bleach.fandom

A lesson anime has taught me is to run at the sight of a child dressed in a uniform. It gets even more childish with Yashiry. She usually tries to pull pranks on others or wants a snack as her main motive.

Nonetheless, if you ever attack her, she will basically kick your behind as she is on auto-pilot. You will be doomed if you don’t, since Kenpachi Zaraki, which is her moving seat, can do that to you.

4. Yuri Nakamura of Angel Beats!

anime girl with pink hair
Yuri Nakamura of Angel Beats

Yuri never let herself be defeated despite the trauma she encountered in her life.

When she discovered she was trapped in an afterlife world, she was not afraid to rebel against the rules forced upon her in order to regain the freedom that was rightfully hers. Her caring and self-controlled character shows that her leadership trait is inborn.

Her determination and affection for the people who joined her cause allow her to always go the extra mile to see herself closer to her goal. She is definitely one of the strongest, most courageous, and determined pink-haired characters. Pink-haired characters are usually strong, courageous, and determined.

5. Sakura Haruno of Naruto

anime girl with pink hair
Sakura Haruno of Naruto
source: naruto.fandom

Those who grew up watching Sakura, Naruto, and Sasuke’s adventures were the ultimate role models for young girls.

This connection to Sakura was made possible by following her through various life-changing events from childhood through adulthood. We still hold a special place for her in our hearts even though she isn’t the best character we’ve encountered.

6. Nonon Jakuzure of Kill La Kill

20+Best Anime Girls With Pink Hair To Watch on a Date In 2022
Nonon Jakuzure of Kill La Kill
source: besthqwallpapers

Nonon’s pink hair and big pink eyes give her a sweet, innocent, and cute appearance that disguises her real nature. It’s because of Nonon’s sassy retorts and tough exterior that we love her so much, even though she puts on a nice girl act.

In the series, she is shown in a variety of ways because of her complicated personality. It’s fascinating to watch her embrace who she is instead of fitting into someone else’s mold.

It’s fascinating to watch her embrace who she is instead of fitting into someone else’s mold.

7. Jibril of No Game No Life

anime girl with pink hair
Jibril of No Game No Life

The Flügel race is led by Jibril, one of their youngest and strongest members.

She even bets everything she owns, including herself, in order to gain more knowledge, as she is obsessed with learning. It seems she has a huge appetite for knowledge.

When interacting with other races that are ranked below her own, she can be extremely condescending and polite.

In fact, Jibril is still somewhat sadistic and longs for the “good old days” when killing was the only way to solve everything. Previously, she collected severed heads as trophies and killed others as a form of boredom, without taking into account the lives of those who died.

8. Hisoka of Hunter X Hunter

anime girl with pink hair
Hisoka of Hunter X Hunter

Among the many memorable villains in the Hunter x Hunter series, Hisoka stands out as one of the best.

His every action or thought should condemn him to an eternity of torture because he is the devil incarnate and at times pretty creepy. Yet, it cannot be helped that he is so lovable. How does that make us feel?

9. Momo Belia Deviluke of To Love Ru

anime girl with pink hair
Momo Belia Deviluke of To Love Ru

The third princess of Planet Deviluke, Momo Belia, speaks with plants because she has a connection with them. Her devil tail gives her a human appearance.

Where did she come from? It turns out that she decided to run away with her twin to avoid her duties as a student. Momo is portrayed as an innocent, kind girl, but she’s actually a huge pervert. Often, she imagines him in lewd situations with another woman, even if there isn’t one.

10. Madoka Amahane of Aikatsu

anime girl with pink hair
Madoka Amahane of Aikatsu

It should come as no surprise to you that Madoka is idolized. There’s something about her that screams idol, don’t you think? She has the pigtails, the cheerful personality, the ironically low self-esteem, and everything else in between.

Although she lacks more than most idol characters, I am surprised to see that she has superb designer taste.No other character qualifies!

11. Chibiusa of Sailor Moon

anime girl with pink hair
Chibiusa of Sailor Moon

Is it frightful to see a child kicking your ass or cute to hear a name like Sailor Chibi Moon? She doesn’t even behave like a child just because she looks like one.

It must be crushing to the criminal pride to get beaten up by her.

12. Haruko Haruhara of FLCL (Fooly Cooly)

anime girl with pink hair
Haruko Haruhara of FLCL (Fooly Cooly)

The rest of the time, she’s a real pain because she doesn’t seem to know what she’s thinking. Her only constant is getting what she wants despite her personality changing at the drop of a hat. As well as this, she seems to have little guilt for all that she has done. It’s been a cold winter.

13. Miyuki Takara of Lucky Star

anime girl with pink hair
Miyuki Takara of Lucky Star

A cute version of Amazon Alexa, Miyuki is just like life when it comes to cuteness. Her apparent knowledge of every subject makes her seem like a Wikipedia in human form. As she tends to zone out quite often, she is also ironically short on attention.

14. Momoka Sonokawa of Sabagebu!

The cute appearance of Momoka can be deceiving. She is ready to defeat any Survival Game she faces with her pink hair and sparkling eyes.

15. Crona of Soul Eater

Despite not being a girl, here we go with the “best ambiguous sex people” list. In addition to having an unfortunate name, Crona’s life hasn’t been too kind to them in the year 202X.

People who are bullied frequently have very fragile egos and minds. They are prone to getting stabby-stabby when they are out of control because of this – but hey, they’re also victims of circumstance and dope hair.

16. Mizuki Himeji of Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu

As a result of not completing her class division exams, Mizuki was placed in Class F.When unfortunate circumstances prevent her from confessing her feelings for Akihisa, she still attempts to do so.

17. Rika Shinozaki of Sword Art Online

In addition to her exceptional skills as a blacksmith, Lisbeth is fiercely loyal to a fault and takes great pride in her work and the swords she forges.

18. Kofuku “Ebisu” from Noragami

You get disrespected a lot as a Goddess of Poverty when you do such a job. Nevertheless, Kofuku’s sweet and bubbly personality makes it impossible to dislike her!

19. Nono of Top wo Nerae 2! Diebuster

When Nono meets an actual space pilot and becomes a member of a group called the Fraternity, one of its missions is to protect the people of the solar system, Fate makes her dream of becoming a space pilot come true.

20. Amu Hinamori of Shugo Chara!

As much as she grew up with a tough-looking and cool exterior, rocking getup and all, inwardly she’s just a softy with a kind heart.

Sooner or later, she tires of this appearance and wishes she was someone else. This is when her three guardian characters hatch from magical eggs. The process went much more smoothly than with Meruem.

21. Zero 002 of Darling in the Franxx

Looking at 002, it would never occur to you to think that Zero Two is not human (or is it just me?).In spite of this, she is a hybrid girl and has horns. Zero Two is viewed as a monster in the series because Klaxosaurs are the main antagonists.

Initially, we see that she is distant and emotionally cold, focusing more on her duty as a parasite than anything else, but that changes when she meets a boy named Hiro.