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Mobile games have gained a lot of popularity in the recent years. This is enhanced by their high-level of entertainment, fun, and the fact that players are not limited on where to play. In addition to this, the increased use of smartphones has also contributed to this popularity. With this trend, it is expected that the gaming industry will grow rapidly in the future. With the continued development of touchscreen technology and the creation of more app stores, the industry will experience more changes and growth. In regard to the future of the mobile gaming industry, here is what to expect.

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Influx of More Mobile Games

There are already thousands of mobile games presently. With the increased inventions in this industry, it is obvious that in the future, more engaging games will be created. The increase in the mobile games is likely to be enhanced by the need for more brands to venture into the mobile gaming in order to increase their revenue. Since mobile devices have taken control of the market, you can expect that all new games developed will be mobile friendly for them to be relevant.

The Future of Mobile Virtual Reality Games Will be in Smartphones

The future of the mobile virtual reality games will be entirely in your smartphone. This is based on the fact that smartphones have all the
features to change them into virtual reality wonderland. The smartphones have perfect screens and the right processing power. This makes it possible for you to play simple virtual reality game in an effective and efficient manner.

It is also expected that the smartphones that will be invented in the future will even be more powerful and have more advanced screen, thus offer better gaming experience.

In addition to this, you can expect the mobile virtual games to be very popular because of the increased use of smartphones worldwide and ease of use of the mobile devices.

A Single Thumb Games to Take Over the Industry

Mobile games are designed to be played at any place or any time. To reduce the need of players having to position themselves in a special way as they play, it is expected that more simplified games will flood the industry. More complex games are likely to be phased out, with more simplified games taking control of the industry. These are simple games that require a player to use a single thumb or hand to play. With such developments, it will be possible for players to play and enjoy their favorite mobile games when performing other tasks, on a public ride, or in any other position they feel comfortable.

Streaming Services to be More Influential

With the development of technology in the gaming industry, it is expected that streaming services will have more impact. This is likely to influence the dynamism in the industry in the future. With the streaming services, it will be possible for gamers to share their experience and ideas with the game developers. This makes it possible for the game developers to create games that offer the best experience to the players. The game developers will also be able to predict the features and elements to include in their future games to make them more valuable and trending.

Development of Mobile games with more social features

Mobile gaming is turning into more social engagement. This is likely to move on with the creation of mobile games with more social features. The games will become more social havens where people sharing same interests meet and interact as they enjoy their favorite mobile games. This development will also be enhanced by the fact that more people nowadays like platforms they can connect with others as they do on social media platforms.

Revolution of Mobile eSports

Mobile eSports

Another development expected in the mobile gaming industry is the revolution of the mobile eSports. Most people have not been able to play these games simply because they were just reserved for console and PC market. It is expected that the mobile gaming will make inroads into these sports in the future. There will be new eSports designed to be played on mobile devices. This will also be made possible because it is easier to create eSport mobile games compared to those played on PC.

Bottom line

The above are just some of the things to expect in the mobile gaming industry. Since this is an industry based on changing technology, more changes are expected in the future.