Twitch Teams
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As a streamer on the Twitch platform, it’s not always so easy growing your stream. It’s the dream of every streamer to have a huge following, but not all know how to achieve this. One of the fastest ways to grow on twitch is to join Twitch Teams. There are huge benefits and strengths in the team playing. Let’s show you how to do this.

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What Are Twitch Teams?

A Twitch team is made up of a group of streamers that come together to form a strong network in order to achieve a common goal. That goal is usually to be a successful streamer. One common thing about members of the team is that they have the same drive, and always like been together. When you become part of a team as a streamer, you are placed under the same banner as other members of the team. They create a community with a strong bond by making sure everyone has the same goal and probably the same streaming method. Networking is a major reason people join Twitch teams. Only partners have the right to create a team, nevertheless, any other streamer is free to join provided he or she got an invite.

How Do Twitch Teams Work

Twitch Teams
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Just like was mentioned initially, you need to be a partner before you can be able to create a team on Twitch. Everything about Twitch Teams is geared towards mutual benefits. They share common goals, along with networking, they make sure to keep ditching out business-building benefits. Each team has a unique banner representing it, so for each of the team a streamer belongs to, you will see the banner just beneath the stream title.

As a member of a team. you also will have the team name displayed on your channel, and your own name shortlisted in the member list, by so doing, anytime your are live, your name will come on top of the list.

Aside from all the collaborations and networking happening on the twitch platform, there is a lot more happening outside. Whatever it is that will benefit team members and help grow the community is a welcome idea.

If you are hoping to have a successful streaming career, then you must embrace the idea of collaborating with others. The easiest and best way to collaborate is by joining a Twitch team, it will give you the opportunity to reach some of the top influencers in the field.

Can You Join One?

Yes, you can. As a matter of fact, it’s very crucial if you really want to grow. In as much as only partnered streamer are allowed to create teams, however, every other streamer is free to join, just make sure is well set up, and you are good to go. you might not have to wait for the creator to send you an invite first, you can go ahead and notify them that you wish to join the team.

How To Join A Twitch Team

Remember that you must be invited first before you can join a team. Your part is to reach out to them by sending them an application. When you receive an invitation, you need to know how to accept the invite to join the team. Here is the procedure for accepting the invite.

1. Click on your profile photo at the top right corner of the dashboard

2. From the list, click on Settings

3. Click on the “Channel and Videos” option

4. Scroll down to locate the “My Teams” section

5. Finally click on Accept

Note: Please bear in mind that Twitch gives the creator of the Team a level of access to a few of your data, such as your stream time and revenue if you are a partner. They don’t have the ability to disclose these data. Just so you know before making the decision to join a Team.

Should I Join or Create My Own Twitch Team?

It all depends on your motives. It’s easier to just join a team than it is to create one. Creating a Twitch team comes with lots of responsibilities and privileges as well.

As the creator, you need to lead by example. Since networking is a major goal for building the team, you will need to spend quality time to develop a good relationship with members of the team.

Also as the leader, you will need to set goals and make the motive of the group clear to everyone, also get a good logo, generally promote the brand, but most importantly carry all team members along and help boost their individual streams. In a nutshell, you need to possess some leadership and management skill to enable you to lead the team.

However, not everyone has these leadership traits, So if you are not good at management then you might just have to consider just been a team member, look for a good team and join. But if you are certain you have the character traits needed, then you are good to go.

How to Create A Twitch Team

1. On your Twitch account that’s partnered with Twitch, click here to create a ticket.

2. Provide the necessary details as requested

3. Send the ticket to the customer service or support staff

That is it. Just wait for the approval. Once you’ve been approved, you can then login and begin to edit settings according to your preference. You can start to customize your team page and also start sending invites to potential members of your team.