Couchtuner Alternatives

Are you just having a bad day, or was it just one of those stressful days at the office? Do you want to cool off? Almost everyone can find a movie or show to relax and end the day on a positive note, and Couchtuner is a great way to make that happen.

The Couchtuner application, like many others such as Netflix, Prime, and thopTv, lets you view a variety of movies and TV series from your mobile device. Couchtuner is regarded as one of the most popular applications for completing the entertainment of the people due to its impressive collection and ease of use.

While Couchtuner offers a lot of benefits, it also has a few lapses. You can’t download your videos from Couchtuner, but you can stream them, or it doesn’t own any of the videos it provides.

Therefore, it is always a good idea to keep a few alternatives on hand. In this article, you will find the best Couchtuner alternatives.

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What Exactly is Couchtuner?

You must be wondering what Couchtuner does if you heard of it for the first time? Basically, Couchtuner is a streaming website that allows you to access an enormous library of movies and TV shows around the world.

The shows and movies on CouchTuner are not owned by CouchTuner, so all the data is pulled from other websites, and you can only stream them over the internet or via Wi-Fi.

But if pop-ads don’t bother you, which I don’t think is true, then couchtuner has a great selection of movies and TV shows.

But if it does bother you and there are some other things you don’t like about couchtuner, I have compiled a list of Couchtuner tested and trusted alternatives for you based on my own experience. Adding any random content site without testing it is tricking the readers, as I, as a viewer, prioritize better user experience.

Does Couchtuner have a legal status?

Regarding CouchTuner’s legality, to be frank with you, since it permits users to stream without worrying about copyright infringement.

This site likely provides illegal content, and there is even a chance that some search engines may moderate or even restrict access to it.

It is for this reason that CouchTuner keeps changing its domain name, since the ISP blocks it, and consequently, controls traffic to the pirate site.

We will explain at the end of the article how to work around this problem, as none of the sites in this list own the content they host or fetch from other sites.

Is Couchtuner blocked by search engines?

There are a number of countries that have banned CouchTuner because it doesn’t host content legally.

If you tried to go to couchtuner a few days ago, it said “you are not authorized to access this site.” Now you can’t access it.

Couchtuner has been blocked by Google in several countries because of piracy laws. There are a lot of countries that block couch tuner, and if you see this message, your country is one of them.

Couchtuner’s owners have bought multiple domain extensions to keep the site live on the search engines in case one is blocked.

You can also browse the list of working Couchtuner proxies if you’re a big fan of the couch tuner.

What Are the Best Sites to Watch Free Shows Online?

Several ISPs (Internet Service Providers) block CouchTuner often, so if you want to watch the latest TV shows and movies, look for other options.

Watch free tv online for free on,, or scroll down to browse our list of the best Couchtuner alternatives if none of these work for you.

The sites in the list below have all been carefully selected by us, and we have included links to the original sites so that you can review them yourself.




Users do not have to pay for Solarmovie to get started. Watching shows and movies on the site does not require registration. As with Couchtuner, Solarmovie has a very similar interface to it.

The paid version, however, gives you access to the VIP member area. In addition to watching movies without advertisements, VIP users have access to more subtitles, enhanced quality, and the ability to download movies.

Some of the other features you will enjoy as a paid user are as follows:

  • If the content you want is not on the site, you can request it.
  • Utilize relevant filters to search the site (Country, IMDB Ratings, Name of Actor, etc.)
  • The genres of movies include Animation, Sci-Fi, Romance, Drama, Comedy, Mystery, and War.


  • An extensive selection of movies and TV shows
  • The content can be viewed without registering
  • Accessible with a simple interface


  • There are a lot of annoying advertisements



When it comes to watching TV shows and movies without registration, Putlocker is a pretty popular site. Users can easily navigate and find content using the graphical interface. There’s a slight problem with the white background, but that’s really all there is. Movies from India, Mexico, Korea, and Japan are included in its collection. An excellent alternative to CouchTuner.


  • Easily accessible due to its simple interface
  • Filtering options available
  • You won’t be interrupted by many ads
  • Regularly updated content


  • Bright backgrounds are unattractive



123moviesHub is an alternate name for 123movies. This stuff was provided for free for the first time by 123movies, which consequently attracted enormous traffic.

A pirated website closed after a while, and 123moviesHub remains as one of its proxies to this day. The site has a good appearance, and it’s easy to navigate to the section of interest a user is interested in using.

The website allows you to watch TV shows and movies by registering, which is mandatory in order to watch them. If you do not register you are limited to watching only the trailers.

You can access the content on the website without any advertisements and for free upon signing up.


  • The year and genre of a film can be used to filter the search
  • Put your favorite videos on your watch list
  • 123 Movies will consider adding the videos that aren’t on these sites


  • You keep getting interrupted by the annoying ads


The oldest and most reliable free streaming platform out there, including Couchtuner, is StreamLikers. As the platform that introduced free premium streaming to a global audience, it is considered the one that started it all.

StreamLikers is one of the oldest streaming platforms available, and the interface is fairly simple, and you won’t need much time to learn how everything works.

Even in the countries where the website is open to the public, it is hard to access. However, a good VPN can solve this issue for you quite easily.


  • You can choose from a wide variety of the latest movies
  • Watching the movies does not require registration
  • Accessible with a simple interface


  • Some countries block access to it


There is a site dedicated to movie fans out there. TV serials aren’t included on MoviesJoy like they are on Couchtuner.

If you search under movie titles, you will definitely find some of your favorite TV shows. However, TV serials are not as such a separate class or database.

MoviesJoy’s filter feature is the thing that really makes it shine. With just a simple sign-up and no additional logins, you can access several filters.


  • A wide selection of the latest movies is available for your viewing pleasure
  • Watching the movies does not require registration
  • Filters like IMDB ratings can be applied


  • As soon as you hit play, a new window of ads appears

AZ Movies

The AZ Movies streaming platform is really popular, like Putlocker. Along with Netflix and other streaming services, you get the latest TV shows and movies. Despite being similar to Couchtuner in terms of features and appearance, it has the annoying habit of suddenly popping up advertisements to disrupt the viewing experience.


  • Netflix and other streaming platforms offer a wide range of movies and TV shows
  • Multiple display options and a great HD experience


  • Interrupting the user’s experience with ads.


Watching free movies online with standard subtitles in high definition is easy with Lookmovie, one of the leading movie streaming sites like couchtuner. There are thousands of films available to stream without creating an account or logging in. It is possible to sort movies by year, genre, rating, release date, or rating from IMDb with the filter option. Online movies are available in 1080p and 720p at no cost.

It displays ads and accepts donations for six cryptocurrencies as a method of generating revenue. Watch the latest Hollywood movies and TV shows online at Lookmovies, the most popular and famous online streaming service. This website offers a variety of categories, including thrillers, comedies, horror, and animation.


  • Streaming quality and IMDB ratings are displayed for each movie
  • You can choose from a wide range of the latest movies
  • Support and discussion forum dedicated to help


  • Pop-up ads and the abundance of 18+ advertisements


There’s a great collection of TV shows and movies available at CafeMovie, and they’re all synched up at the same time. Once you’re here, you’ll find it much easier to find the content you are looking for. Additionally, it is a legal streaming site, something that many other sites cannot claim. In other words, you won’t find any pirated movies here.


  • No pirated content on this streaming site
  • HD versions of TV shows and movies are available
  • Content from the past and the present gathered in one place


Everywhere you look, pop-up advertisements appear


Are you a fan of watching movies online? On the Internet, do you often search for new, exciting movies and the best films? If you are looking for a place to watch free movies online, look no further, you have WatchFree.The site has a great selection of movies from various genres. Additionally, you can watch a wide selection of free streaming movies that is constantly updated with new releases, new episodes from TV shows, and the best films from the past.

The website is simple to use, and you can pick from a variety of common categories to find what you’re looking for. It is a website similar to CouchTuner where you can watch free movies and TV series online with good quality videos without registering (do not hit the green registration button).

Watchfree introduces new streaming content

  • Stowaway
  • Mortal kombat
  • Voyagers
  • Mauritanian

Prime Wire

You can enjoy your favorite entertainment online with Prime Wire. Free movies and TV shows are available on this streaming site.  A huge collection of titles from around the world is offered in its collection.  Some of them are available in multiple languages and a wide variety of genres.  Searching is also an option, so you can pick your favorite film.

Watching your favorite movies does not require you to create an account.  It’s easy to access the website, pick the title of your choice, and watch from there.  VPNs are recommended for privacy purposes.

Watchfree introduces new streaming content

  • Separation
  • Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse
  • Voyagers
  • Percy Vs Goliath


The site is available on the internet and on mobile devices and offers a variety of media streaming services including audiobooks, comics, e-books, movies, music, and television shows. The digital media library of Hoopla is available to patrons of libraries that are supported by the service. There is a Hoopla digital branch at Midwest Tape.  Both its online service and its smartphone application offer a large collection of free movies and TV shows.

The most interesting feature of this site is that it serves as a form of traditional library, meaning that you can borrow a certain number of movies, TV shows, books, and must return them at a stipulated time. Every day, new titles are added to the library. Having Hoopla at your fingertips is like having your own personal library.  You can access the service anytime and anywhere.

Watchfree introduces new streaming content

  • Grease Live!
  • G.I. Blues
  • Time Capsule 69
  • South Westerlies – Season 1


It’s like Heaven for binge-watchers on Xfinity’s website. The website offers a wide range of films from family-friendly to action blockbusters, with over 20 genres to choose from. It’s the best thing that this website allows you to download your favorite movies without having to create an account.  In addition, this alternative couchtuner website has a wonderful user-friendly interface and a limited number of advertisements that make it useful.

With this website, you can watch movies for free without worrying about annoying pop-ups and ads. The site also features a section dedicated to music news, which you can use to gain insights into the latest movie news. Regular updates keep this section up to date.

Watchfree introduces new streaming content

  • Tenet
  • Ford v Ferrari
  • Bad Boys for Life
  • Game of Thrones


Compared to any other couchtuner alternative, PopcornFlix is much more advanced. You can download the application of this awesome streaming client as well as access it through the web. Both computer and mobile platforms are supported.

You can enjoy your favorite TV shows and movies right from your mobile device. As a result, you can enjoy your favorite entertainment wherever you are. Films are categorized by genre on PopcornFlix. It will show you all the movies that are in your chosen category if you pick your favorite one.

Watchfree introduces new streaming content

  • The Naked Gun 2 1/2 The Smell Of Fear
  • Bug
  • Grand Isle
  • The 5th Of July
Unlike Couchtuner, Afdah is definitely a decent streaming video website for watching movies and TV shows without commercials.  Site homepage has a mix of the latest blockbusters mixed with cult classics and oldies from previous decades.  From action and adventure movies, to animation and historical documentaries, to comedy, crime and drama shows, it has it all.
There are movies from 30+ countries available at this site. The movies can be found in different categories such as year, country, and language. Additionally, you can organize your collection alphabetically or by genre. The site provides information about movies such as IMDB rankings, genres, runtime, directors, etc.
Watchfree introduces new streaming content
  • Mulan
  • Hamilton
  • Godzilla vs Kong
  • The New Mutants

XMovies 8

XMovies 8, another excellent free online movie-streaming site like CouchTuner, is another excellent option. You can watch movies without having to register or download anything. Unlike many other streaming services, this one has the advantage of a clear, clean interface and seamless operation. You can choose only movies or TV shows from a list on the homepage.

It is possible to add features such as IMDB rating filters, year, and genre. To watch a movie, simply click the Play button. A new window opens up, and the video will start shortly. You can stop the annoying popups and ads while watching movies by using the Adblocker extension.

Watchfree introduces new streaming content

  • Separation
  • Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse
  • Voyagers
  • Weekend Warriors

CouchTuner FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What caused Couchtuner to shut down?

Ans. CouchTuner, like other Streaming sites, gives its users the option to download illegally copyrighted content. This got the attention of Entertainment media, which resulted to the shutdown of the site.

Almost immediately, clones and mirrors of CouchTuner started springing up. These include, for example,,,,, and

Q. Are there any new domains for CouchTuner?

Ans. You can watch movies online using these domains, however, you’ll need a VPN because these domains are blocked in some countries.


Q. Is couchtuner safe to use?

Ans. The truth is, there are numerous cloned fake couch tuner sites on the internet, if you use such sites, you will be infected with viruses and malware. Java script can be used by malicious websites to distribute malware and viruses. Use the best antivirus software and firewall on your computer/laptop if you don’t have them. Otherwise, your computer/laptop will be infected with viruses.

Q. What is the legal status of Couchtuner?

Ans. It has been stated earlier that couchtuner offers content that is pirated, which makes it illegal for the company to offer this service.  It is highly likely that your ISP will block CouchTuner access when you can’t access the site. You can access CouchTuner via VPN in this case.

Q. Couchtuner Alternatives: Which Are The Best?

Ans. The five major couchtuner alternatives are KissCartoon, Fmovies, Mangastream, TVMuse, and Watch Episode. Each of the five offers great content diversity with minimum advertising. Consequently, you might find them helpful.

Q. Is Couchtuner ad-free?

Ans. Amazon, Netflix, and Hotstar are several sites that provide ad-free content, but these services aren’t free and you’re required to pay for them.  If you don’t want ads and popups while watching movies, then you should use an adblocker.

Final Thoughts

As it offers an amazing user interface for its visitors so they can navigate their way to the locations they want with no hassle at all, CouchTuner is an excellent site for streaming Movies and Web series seamlessly and without any resistance.

Couch Tuner’s reliable features attract visitors to the site if you are a regular user.

Although there are many problems with the site, as users complain that it automatically downloads malicious software to their computers, out of curiosity one should try exploring other sites from across the internet.

We have listed some websites below that can be better alternatives to Couch Tuner. You should examine each site’s interface by going to it one by one.

In addition to the four alternatives given, some of the best picks are FlixTor, MoviesJoy, LookMovie and 123movieHub. There are many mirror links here, so it is more reliable to view the movies here.

To download the movies, add them to your list, or rate them, some sites require registration. Also, if you come across any other options that you can recommend, please let us know by leaving a comment below.