Is Dailyumotion Safe
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More than ever, it has become so important that one stays vigilant when surfing the internet. Gone are those days when you open anything you see on the internet. More especially, this is an information age, so you should arm yourself with every information you can lay your hands on. These days, one of the questions everyone surfing the internet should ask before opening that website or clicking on that URL should be if that site/URL is safe or not. You might have at one time on the other come to the site called Dailymotion, but before you click, have you asked what the site is all about, is Daily motion safe?

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What is Dailymotion?

Dailymotion is a French social site and a serious competition for youtube. The site was officially launched on the 15th of March, 2005 by a company called Orange.

Dailymotion just like Youtube is used for sharing videos online, you can call it a video-streaming website. It boasts of a huge library of videos for the viewing pleasure of their huge audience, and kind enough, they have made both viewing and uploading of video free of charge, however, downloading is restricted on the site. Also, Dailymotion takes time to create original contents courtesy of Dailymotion studios.

The site keeps increasing on a daily basis, as a matter of fact, as of 2012 they were already getting a total of about 115 million visitors on the site monthly and is seen as one of the second largest online video streaming platforms after Youtube, and 31st biggest website on the internet. However, they are not free from copyright issues. As a result of copyright infringement, a few countries have denied their people access to it. Some of the countries that still allow access to it are: the United Kingdom, Unites States, Australia, Germany, France, Canada, Spain, and a few others.

Is Dailymotion Safe To Use

For many countries to place a ban on the site shows that all is not well with it. So if you are hoping for a positive answer, then I’m sorry to disappoint you.

First, Dailymotion allows users to upload all manner of contents that are offensive, ranging from adult contents containing nude, violent or sex scenes, also contents that are so religious sensitive. These contents are definitely not suitable for children and also to some adults that might find it offensive. For the fact that users are given the free will to upload on the website without censor, you should all manner of contents

However, they have a feature called Age Gate. This feature allows a user to choose whether to browse without seeing those inappropriate content or not. So by default, this feature is always activated, and when it’s on you do not get to see the adult contents. You can be able to deactivate it on the homepage.

Furthermore, malware attacks are very common on the site. They allow ads from third parties, and most times these ads come with some hidden malicious codes. The safety of your browser or even your computer is not guaranteed when you are on the site. This is so serious that some antivirus software and browsers have flagged it as a dangerous site, so people can stay away from it.

Also if you have an account with Dailymotion, you stand a risk of exposing your private information that you have on the site. It’s not as if they will deliberately share your information with anyone, but the site could easily be hacked and the hackers will have access to that information that is supposed to be private.

Is Dailymotion Better Than YouTube?

Is Dailymotion Safe
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When considering the best site to use for uploading and viewing videos, these two are always the best options. People always find it hard to choose which one to use. As similar as both might appear, they sure have some differences, so you can choose based on these differences.

First, let consider the number of visitors each of them has per month, cause this number is a major factor. The total number of unique visitors the site gets each month determines how much ads that will be shown on the site, and this has an impact on the revenue that the site yield. Remember that the revenue will be shared with the owners of the video. The more the visitors, the more video and text ads, and the more the money you get. Youtube boasts of billions of visits on the site every month, while that of Dailymotion is in millions.

Secondly, let’s consider the quality of the videos. 3D videos have become so catchy that viewers are always on the lookout for it. Youtube guarantees its viewers 3D videoes, while Dailymotion doesn’t. Even with the introduction of YouTube Studio Beta, a lot has changed. One more striking difference in the two is the time they allocate for video upload. In Dailymotion, you can’t find any video that is more than 60 minutes, while on youtube there is no time limit.

Another amazing feature that Youtube has is Analytics. Youtube posses amazing analytics tools that help partners to track the videos they uploaded and see how well or bad it is doing. It gives them more insight into what to do and what not to do. Dailymotion does not have this feature. This is a very big plus for Youtube.

Also, Youtube had structured its contents very well according to categories. You can easily navigate through the categories to get to any video you want.

Above all, youtube gives the users a good share of the profit, compared to what Dailymotion gives. So you tend to make more money on youtube.

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Can You Earn Money On Dailymotion?

You can earn money from the videos you upload on Dailymotion once monetization is enabled. This revenue comes as a result of the ads that are activated on your videos. Dailymotion, been the owner of the platform shares the revenue with you that uploaded the video. The more views your video gets, the more money you make. Payouts are made every month once you reach or exceed the minimum balance which is 100 USD. Your bank details will be needed before you can cash out.