Injustice 3

Fans of Injustice from all over the world have been widely anticipating the release of injustice 3, but news about the release has not been announced yet and the studio has been mum on trailers or teasers. This is not much of a surprise because there is usually a four years difference between the game releases and the last one, Injustice 2 was released in 2017. Not to mention that Injustice usually gets released atleast two years after MK and MK11 just got released in April 2019. 

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Why I think the game would be made

Some fans have expressed anxiety over the uncertainty of the likelihood of Injustice 3,  I think their doubts are unfounded because Injustice: Gods Among Us and Injustice 2 were a hit back to back and NetherRealm Studios would be dim not to cash in on that with a follow-up. Also, Injustice 2 left fans sitting on the fence, having to decide whether to side with Superman and reinstate his regime or side with Batman and end it forever. It wouldn’t be fair to leave that decision to the fans. 

Suggested storylines

Injustice is developed by the NetherRealm Studios, published by Warner Bros and adapted from DC comic’s fictional universe. The Injustice: God’s Among us was first released in 2013 and saw Superman turn into a villain after the death of Lois Lane and his unborn child with half the members of the Justice League backing him up while Batman joins forces with the other half to oppose him and bring freedom to the world. 

Injustice 2 which was released later, in 2017 had Batman and Superman joining forces against Brainiac who was the stronger foe.

For Injustice 3, we have fans sitting on their toes, wondering where the Netherrealm studios or DC would take the game to from what they already have, Injustice 3 has fans writing their own spin-offs,  leaving no doubts in my mind that the much-anticipated game has big shoes to fill. 

While some fans feel that Superman should be allowed to redeem himself but maybe die in the process, some think that it should involve Superman and Batman in a final battle to slug out their differences. Most fans, however, seem to be over the Batman vs Superman storyline and want something different even if they are not sure of what different is and some have suggested that Flash use his superspeed to travel back in time and prevent the tragic incident that turned Superman into a villain from happening. 

As a way for him to see the need to seek his path to redemption, some fans have suggested resurrecting, Lois Lane, as a Black Lantern and as something extra fun, making her a playable character but some have expressed disapproval over this ending claiming that doing this destroys the point of the game.

Most requested characters

Injustice fans all over the world have taken to forums and social media to suggest characters that they would want to see in Injustice 3 and while some fans keep hoping to see some Marvel heroes as guest characters and some want to see every single DC character in the game including the characters that have been killed off in the story! , some fans made a list of their favourites and I took the liberty of going through some of these lists to give you a shorter list of the most requested characters from my ‘online survey’

1. Booster Gold

Injustice 3

Booster Gold is a time traveller and some fans believe it is time he travelled through time and into the Injustice arena, adding that he has a lot of potential combos and special moves.

2. Two-Face


Although Two-face has appeared as a cameo character in Injustice: Gods Among Us. Fans are dying to have him back on-screen and this time as a playable character. His potential in a fighting game is easy to see since he is a sharpshooter and skilled in hand-to-hand combat.

3. Plastic Man


Originally a criminal nicknamed “Eel ‘O’ Brian, Plastic man can stretch himself to great lengths and into any position imaginable. Plastic man in Injustice would probably turn his fists into mallets and flatten into pancakes to duck.

4. John Constantine

Originally an occult detective from Liverpool, Constantine is one of the most requested characters although some fans feel that having Constantine in a fighting game is illogical since Constantine himself admits that he is terrible in a fight and always gets out every chance.

5. Killer Croc 

Killer Croc has a cameo appearance in Injustice: Gods Among Us and Injustice 2 and is playable in the Injustice: Gods Among Us Mobile, Fans feel he should be a playable character in the much-awaited Injustice 3.


He is a fast and agile fighter with fast healing abilities. His teeth can bite through flesh and steel like yours can bite through cake meanwhie being immune to abrasion and bullets. Killer Croc is one of the fan’s favourites and they hope to see his street fighting and wrestling shenanigans coupled with his impressive speed in the game.

6. Jonah Hex

Injustice 3

Jonah Hex is one of the few cowboy heroes in DC universe and although suggested by a lot of fans, his potential as a worthy character is in question since most of his power lies in his ability to shoot things. He would probably be a zoner with a few combat tools but if NetherRealm pulled off Eeron Black in MK, he shouldn’t be impossible to put on the roaster.

7. Mirror Master


Although a part of Injustice: Gods Among Us in the comics, fans are shocked that Mirror master is yet to feature in the game and are keeping faith that he would be in Injustice 3. A trained mercenary with a mirror that he uses to cast illusions, teleportation and size alteration, Mirror master has a lot of moves they can tap into to make him a playable character. 

8. Beast Boy


Beast Boy has the ability to morph into any animal that has seen and knows, without putting any strain on himself while morphing. Fans think he would be a worthwhile addition to the roaster

9. Red Tornado


Loved by both readers of DC comics and Young Justice, Red Tornado controls the wind. He has incredible strength and speed and fans believe he would be one of the characters the studio would use to show off their visual prowess, making Injustice 3 more appealing.

10. R’as al Ghul 


Immortal and Head assassin, Expert Martial artist and master swordsman, R’as al Ghul can heal from almost any wound including lethal ones and can rejuvenate himself making him immune to old age and other illness. With a résumé like this, it is really surprising that he is not yet a playable character in Injustice, a truly worthy opponent.

While this list is by no means extensive, It has ten of the most repeated names for Injustice 3 Character wish list

Suggested Stages

Fans have also taken it a step further to suggest the type of stages they would like to see in the game. They have suggested arenas like

1. Joker’s hideout

2. Oa

3. Kamdora

4. Titans Tower

5. Phantom Zone

6. Belle Reve

7. Lexcorp building in Gotham

8. Dakota City

9. Ryut

10. Black Gate Prison

Like I said before, Injustice 3 has a big shoe to fill and while we wait for its release, we can only hope it measures up.