Optimize Windows 10 For Gaming
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The operating system you use can determine your gaming experience. No one wants to have periods of unresponsive results and interruptions from the computer. The Windows 10 operating system from Microsoft provides a great platform for gaming. However, there are several measures you can take to improve windows 10 for gaming. Here are some of the steps to optimize windows 10 for a great gaming experience.

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How To Optimize Windows 10 For Gaming

1. Stop Automatic Updates

There are certain instances when Windows 10 will send automatic updates on your pc. These updates will require you to restart your computer and will your disrupt gaming session. This is very annoying when you have to stop a game you probably have been playing for hours. Besides the disruption, automatic updates can slow your network connectivity. Hence it is important that you disable automatic updates. Simple steps to stop the updates are:

Click windows key+Q
Type updates
Select windows update settings
Choose Advanced options
Select pause updates

This will pause the automatic updates for 35 days. You can choose to enable the updates later when you are not using your computer.

2. Change your Power Plan

When playing a game, you require optimum performance in your pc. Selecting a high-performance plan enables your OS to manage the amount of power it draws from the battery. This especially applies to a laptop, unlike desktops which do not have power limitations.

How to choose a power plan

Click windows key+Q
Type power plan
Select a power plan
Choose High performance

3. Configure your GPU Driver

The Graphics Processing Unit is paramount to your gaming experience. Gaming is an intensive process on your computer. Ensure that you update your drivers to ensure that you have the latest drivers for a great and fast gaming experience. Installing the latest drivers ensures that your window s and software can communicate effectively with the graphics cards. You can access the updated drivers through downloading, and it is important that you check the drivers used by your machines manufacturer. Here is how to check.

Right- Click on the Desktop
Select Display Settings
Choose Advanced settings
Select Display adapter properties
You will be able to know the right driver to download. Common gaming drivers are AMD drivers and NVIDIA.

4. Adjust the Visual Effects

The graphic user interface (GUI) can interfere with the processing power of your computer hence affecting the gaming performance. In windows 10 the appearance settings are usually on a high level. While this may provide an attractive display on your computer it may interfere with your game. The game on the foreground may conflict with the sharp light from the GUI in the background. Why not reduce the appearance and increase your performance speed. How to adjust GUI

Click windows +Q
Type Performance
Select Adjust the appearance and performance for windows
Choose adjust for best performance
Apply and then click OK

5. Disable Mouse Acceleration

The mouse pointer in Windows 10 does not only move through physical detection but is also affected by speed too. Windows have a feature called mouse acceleration that controls your mouse movements. You can change this option to improve your mouse accuracy, especially for shooting games.

Click windows +Q
Type pointer
Select change the mouse pointer display or speed
Disable the enhanced pointer precision

6. Disable Steam Automatic Updates

When using windows to play games you must have come across the annoying steam updates that interfere with your gaming. Steam usually updates other games while you are playing. These updates are not only annoying but end up consuming your memory space and limiting your network connectivity. If you want a faster gaming experience, follow these steps
1. Open steam
2. Select settings
3. Choose Downloads
4. Disable downloads during game time

7. Disable Nagle Algorithm

Nagle Algorithm is essential in the transfer of data. However, it works at the expense of strong network connection which affects online games. You can easily configure that using the following steps;

Click the windows icon + R
Type Regedit
Look for the one with your IP address

The final step is to ensure you find the right file as indicated on the former step and create two new DWORD name one of them as TcpAckFrequency and the other TcpNoDelay. Then double-click on each of them and set their parameters as “1”.This will deactivate the Nagle algorithm


Gaming is an exciting activity for any individual or with family and friends. However, it can be interrupted if you have the wrong operating system. Adopt windows10 and carry out the above steps to optimize your gaming experience.