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In recent times Animes has gained more popularity more than ever before. It has become a very good source of entertainment for all, the producers are kind enough to produce the ones that suit people of different age groups. If you are a fan of animes or searching for some of the best websites where you can watch interesting dubbed anime online for free, then we are here to give you just that. We will be mixing the list with a few paid sites that are sure to give you value for your money. By the way, you do not need to break the bank, just a token and you are good to go.

We bring to you JustDubs. JustDubs is built to give you back to back the best and latest English dubbed anime. They also the rare privilege to download movies to watch later. With the weakest internet strength, you can be able to download as much as you can. Did I mention that there is no subscription fee attached?

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Where Is JustDubs?

Recently it looks like something has gone wrong with the website. Some users have reported that the site suddenly stopped working, we are not really sure of the reason for the sudden disappearance, some say it’s because of copyright infringement, that they were banned, while some people say that the admins just decided to shut it down. Whatever the reason may be, it seems not to be going down well with some of the fans. Nevertheless, it looks as seems the site is not completely off the internet, if you google it you will still see some new version of it, but not like the real JustDubs that we know. It’s not strange for a few fake sites to start creeping out especially now that the whereabout of JustDubs is not yet ascertained.

It’s normal and expected that users are becoming worried about the whereabouts of their trusted source of entertainment. At this point, we thought it wise to introduce some alternatives to JustDubs. By so doing the fans will see something else to rely on for good anime movies.

Best JustDubs Alternatives to Watch English Dubbed Anime in 2021

This list is in no particular order. It’s a mixture of those for kids and for adults.

1) Gogoanime


Looking for one of the best sites to watch free and latest English dubbed anime and even have the privileged to stream online? then Gogoanime is the place for you. They even offer you English subtitles to make things easier for everyone. Most of the fans of Gogoanime are kids and youths.


Important Features

  • The list is updated daily to give you the latest
  • They have various genres such as drama, kids, horror, fantasy, romance, action, mystery, and lots more. All are in anime forms.
  • Most of them are in the Japanese language, but they have made available English subtitles. Even some anime are available in your local language.
  • You can always contact their support if you need any help

2) Anime Heaven


Just like the name, the feeling while watching their anime is heavenly. No subscription. Their movies and anime shows are free of charge. Well categorized for easy navigation. The first thing you will notice on the site is the way it has been category by anime, dubbed, series, movies, ongoing, popular, etc for easy access.

Anime Heaven does not discriminate among operating systems, it works perfectly well on all operating systems.


Important features

  • It is well categorized
  • The high-quality download option is available
  • It is free
  • It is constantly updated with the latest
  • Redirection to any other site is not allowed
  • Ads are not allowed on the site

This is actually one of the best alternatives to JustDubs

3) CartoonCrazy

Cartooncrazy is one of the top best on this list. some of the most popular and best anime shows are found on this platform. They boast of a high-quality anime collection, which you can stream free online and also download. The homepage is constantly updated with the hottest, latest, new cartoon and anime series.


Important Features

  • It is user-friendly
  • You are not required to create an account to have access
  • Well categorized

4) Crunchyroll


Crunchyroll is an American production. A subsidiary of Sony Corporation. Co-founded by Brandon Ooi, Kun Gao, Vu Nguyen, James Lin in the year 2006. They have both free and paid versions. You are sure to find the majority of the most popular anime series on this platform, all subtitled in English language, subtitles on a few other languages are also available.

Crunchyroll is not illegal. They make sure to get distribution right for all the contents on their platform. The site is 100 percent safe.


Important Features

  • Registration is required
  • Compatible with many operating systems such as Brandon Ooi, Kun Gao, Vu Nguyen, James Lin, and many more.
  • Translation is available
  • You can watch for free via the app or via the official website.

5) Sidereel

Sidereel is one site that is growing with speed. It currently gets more than a million unique visitors on a daily basis. Sidereel is absolutely free, and safe. Fans are allowed to keep track of their favorite movies, they can also rate and review the list. On the homepage, you will find the most popular or top shows of the month, which is constantly updated.


Important Features

  • You can keep track of all your favorite shows on the site
  • Constantly updated with latest shows
  • It is free
  • Mobile version is available
  • Shows are recommended to you based on the shows you have shown interest in

6) AnimeStreams

The site is well structured for easy navigation and user friendly. The contents you will find there are similar to what you will find in JustDubs. It is well categorized for easy access to your favorite shows. It is well optimized hence has a good page speed. The videos are of very high quality.


Important Features

  • User friendly
  • Good page speed
  • Quality videos available
  • Well categorized

7) Kissanime

Over the years, Kissanime has maintained its position at the top as one of the best and most popular anime website. It is free, has a good page speed, and HD anime movies.


Important Features

  • Free subscription
  • No registration required
  • Unlimited Contents
  • You can download complete videos on mobile and laptop
  • English dubbed
  • Well categorized


This list might not be all, but these ones listed are very reliable alternatives to JustDubs. You are free to choose from anyone you want.

Almost all the sites listed above are free of charge. No hidden charges attached at all.